Buen Vecino Summer Internship Program


In 1995, the Buen Vecino Internship Program (BVIP) was created as a binational student exchange program. Each summer, ten (10) undergraduate university students from Mexico, and ten (10) undergraduate university students from the United States are chosen to live and intern in their neighboring countries.

The program, which runs for six weeks, affords U.S. and Mexican students the opportunity to intern at companies related to their majors. The program encourages discussions and knowledge sharing on ways to better business and international commerce between the United States and Mexico.

The Goals of the BVIP are:

  • To provide interaction between citizens of Mexico and the United States in various settings.
  • To foster future, mutually beneficial commercial relations between the two countries.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas regarding corporate environment, communications styles, culture, and international relations.
  • To provide exposure to another culture by living with a host family, attending local events, forums, and symposiums.
  • Contribute to the development of future leaders in the areas of trade, commerce, and cultural awareness.

For more information regarding the BVIP

or if you wish to be a host company, please contact us at info@usmcef.org.

Buen Vecino Internship Program available soon.