The foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, oversees educational and cultural exchange programs, such as the Buen Vecino intern program and the Cultural Effectiveness Center, designed to develop business leaders of the future, infuse practical business knowledge into the academic realm and foment understanding between the neighboring countries.

On-going programs include annual events such as the NAFTA Forum, a Congressional Border Conference, Good Neighbor Award Dinner, and gala dinner in Mexico. Trade missions are also ongoing activities. National projects have been undertaken on a wide range of issues such as Hispanic language and literacy workforce issues, adequate housing, outreach to small businesses in the US and Mexico along the SW border, environmental database of Mexican laws and regulations, and most recently a Hispanic manufacturing supply chain initiative.


Buen Vecino Summer Internship Program

The program, which runs for six week, affords U.S. and Mexican students the opportunity to intern at companies related to their majors...

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Future Leaders of Irving

Future Leaders of Irving (FLI) is a program for high school seniors committed "... to identify, educate, and develop our local youth to...

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Alfred J. Lippman Memorial Library

In 1999, Dr. Alfred Lippman, a US diplomat born in New Jersey, generously donated rare historical books and magazines, along with several...

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